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The AI-Formulated Dietary Supplement That Supports Stem Cell Health

GeroProtect’s new product and what it means for stem cell health and function

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are groups of specialized human cells that can develop into different types. Thus, they are the precursors from which other cells in the body originate.

Stem cells are crucial to human development, and conditions like congenital disabilities and cancer are products of their improper division and differentiation.

However, stem cells can also repair damaged tissue, which is why they can be integral in treating ailments like Alzheimer’s, paralysis, heart failure, spinal cord injury, diabetes type I, and retinal and macular degeneration

Stem cells’ study gives us a better understanding of cell physiology, which results in the creation of novel medications and treatment procedures for incurable diseases.

Stem Cells and Their Limitations. AI to the Rescue!

As promising as stem cell research is for medicine, its effectiveness is limited due to what we understand about their differentiation and development. Another major challenge is that they lose function as the body ages. This means that to make therapy more stable, the efficiency of stem cell-directed differentiation must be improved.

Scientists from Life Extension and Insilico Medicine are addressing this challenge. They are utilizing artificial intelligence and other methods to identify a combination of phytonutrients that can support stem cells’ overall health and function.

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Their deep machine learning system identified specific ingredient combinations capable of promoting the stem cell signaling pathways that maintain healthy tissues and develop longevity. The formula can also encourage the body’s natural management process for senescent stem cells, thus keeping them in active function throughout their lifespan.

The resulting product, GeroProtect® Stem Cell, improves balanced stem cell differentiation and self-renewal, healthy AMPK signaling, cellular protein regulation, DNA health, and much more.

The Phytonutrients That Bolster Stem Cell Health

1. Piceatannol

Piceatannol is a naturally occurring polyphenolic compound in plants like grapes, peanuts, Japanese knotweed, and some berries. It is abundant in passion fruit seeds, which have exhibited exhibit anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Several researchers have proved extracts of piceatannol to induce osteoblast differentiation by increasing bone morphogenetic protein-2 production. 

Another group of researchers identified that the phytonutrient inhibits the insulin-signaling pathway and subsequent adipogenesis in mouse preadipocyte cell lines. 

Those activities are key to maintaining the function and structure of stem cells within the body. The in vivo and in vitro activities of piceatannol can promote stem cell differentiation and proteostasis, which is the quality control network that ensures the integrity of protein in our cells.

2. Resveratrol

Resveratrol (RSV) is a non-flavonoid polyphenol compound that was first identified in the root extract of white hellebore and Japanese knotweed roots. It is widely utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for its therapeutic potentials as it protects against acute, chronic injury in multiple tissues. 

Note that the cell differentiation properties of RSV are enhanced in the presence of piceatannol; scientists have yet to distinguish how each extract can promote cell differentiation while acting alone.

3. Garcinol

Garcinol is derived from the kokum fruit, which is found primarily in Asia and Africa.

Studies have shown that it can positively regulate healthy stem cell self-renewal and differentiation. Garcinol also inhibits histone acetyltransferase (HAT) activity, the enzyme responsible for stem cell aging and loss of function. 

How to Use GeroProtect Stem Cell

The AI-formulated supplement can be taken on its own or along with the other GeroProtect Life Extension products, Ageless Cell and Longevity AI Users can also pair the supplement with Senolytic Activator for enhanced cellular support.

Life Extension has been in the business of translating scientific research into low-cost, everyday, healthy-living products for 40 years. In that time, the company has dedicated its time and resources to pursuing innovative advances in health by partnering with major research institutes for rigorous clinical trials. Thus, they continue to set the pace for others to follow.

GeroProtect Stem Cell and the accompanying products are the fruits of long years of dedicated research and persistence.


1. Stem cells have vast potential, and maintaining their health and longevity benefits the human body.

2. AI and deep learning already play prominent roles in the detection of diseases. Now they have taken a step further to identify phytonutrients that could be part of formative medicine’s future.

3. GeroProtect Stem Cell’s introduction is exciting! With time, we will identify its level of impact on our health.

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